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Founded in 2007, Mediabureau strives to provide a wide variety of marketing and communication solutions to clients,
always with the emphasis on professionalism, confidentiality and successful target achievement.

Our basic services at a glance :

Web Design

Websites for conventional or mobile browsers

In today’s world, a company’s image is largely reflected by its website. A professional online presence is a crucial factor in market success. Since the swift evolution of mobile devices, prominence on the Internet has become even more important.

We will help you keep up to date with constant changes in the digital media and their growing demands, providing up-to-the-minute solutions suitable for all platforms, either by adapting a template for you or by custom-designing a website to suit your precise needs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Improve your position on Google

When it comes to the Internet, optimum visibility is essential. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more complicated to get to the top of the SERPS (search engine results page) of Google or other search engines. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Management are technical tactics aimed at overcoming the challenges of search engines’ complex algorithms. With them, not only can invaluable traffic analyses be generated, but ongoing steps can be taken to make sure that your website is listed in a top-ranking position by search engines.

Print Design

Printing from headed paper to catalogues

Despite all digital possibilities, the classical print medium remains an essential component part of your company advertising. We have many years of experience in the preparation of printed material of all kinds and we oversee the entire project from first layout through to distribution of the finished product – whether catalogues, brochures, fliers or business cards, premium elaborate printing or digital prints in small batches. If desired, we also compile functional e-books in digital format or as an alternative to your printed content.

Logo & Corporate Identity (CI) Development

Everything you need to revamp your company image

A company’s image and that of its products is largely based on a visual image, presented in a consistent way and coherently expressed throughout the whole of the company, both internally and externally. This is known as a Corporate Identity (CI).

We can create an up-to-date image for your company, developing logos, visual concepts and materials that reflect your company image, all tailored to suit your business sector, products and company objectives.

Integrated Marketing and Advertising

Take advantage of the possibilities offered by traditional and digital media

The Internet has revolutionized the world of marketing, allowing for constant, dynamic interaction between retailers or service providers and consumers. As a result, variables in the fields of segmentation, target setting and positioning have changed. Integrated marketing takes coordinated advantage of different communication channels, both traditional and digital ones, so as to create a maximum advertising impact at a minimal cost.

Our integrated marketing service encompasses multiple customizable communication tools, from a simple newsletter, online advertising on the social networks, and events to traditional adverts in the press, in magazines or on the radio. Pricewise, radio ads continue to be a very effective means of attracting greater customer attention, even in today’s online marketing world, particularly at a local level. Based on our many years’ experience collaborating with different radio stations in Mallorca and Germany, we can confirm the reiterated success of radio commercials.

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